In a volatile and complex world, I help companies become more deliberate about growth by implementing effective innovation strategies, redesigning processes and developing their human capabilities.

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"Big companies need to innovate or die. The question is how. Companies need a playbook; a process by which they can start the process of transforming their organizations into innovation engines. The Corporate Startup is that playbook. It provides a proven methodology — applying Lean Startup principles and more — for building a culture of innovation."

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Change has never happened this fast before, and yet it will never be this slow again. To respond to this situation, your company needs to not only change the products & services it creates, but how it creates them too.

Every leader is well aware that innovation is crucial for the future growth and sustainability of their business. Many organizations undertake innovation and intrapreneurship programs, but few succeed in obtaining the outcomes they seek. This failure is often due to lack of a holistic approach to innovation, resulting in many disconnected activities being initiated.

Millions are wasted and stakeholders and employees often become disillusioned along the way.

A full transformation goes beyond the solitary programs and trainings. It changes the company’s entire operating model, allowing it to continuously explore new growth options while efficiently operating the core business.

I guide large organizations to a new way of managing innovation where pragmatism replaces fluff and deliberation replaces chaos.

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Successful innovation doesn’t just happen and it requires more than just inspirational talks & workshops. Successful innovation calls for the entire organization to have an innovative ethos. This includes the need to have an appropriate HR strategy, an appropriate structure, coherent portfolio strategy, demonstrable executive level support, flawless governance and a culture built around innovation.

The ecosystem assessment will help you understand the real short comings of your system and serve as a basis for improvement.

The auditing process combines inquiry research with observations with analytical procedures. The audit is based on the research of successful factors for innovation put forward in the international standard for innovation management ISO/DIS 50501:2018(E). The process follows the innovation framework put forward in the award winning book The Corporate Startup.

The ecosystem assessment is not just formality or corner to be cut. The ecosystem audit is the first step in the process of creating a suitable ecosystem tailored to your company’s real needs and able to constantly deliver on the growth goals.

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To what extent is everyone in your company responsible for innovation? At today’s rate of change one does not need to be in R&D or product development to require an understanding of innovation.

A major misconception is that innovation refers solely to technology, product development and/or service design. Today’s world no longer allows for a clear distinction between ‘official innovators’ and ‘everyone else’.

Companies like Apple and Toyota have outperformed the completion by making innovation everyone’s job. Going beyond product innovation, and innovating on: packaging, inventory, management system or partner agreement, these companies were able to distinguish themselves in their respective industries.

Be it incremental or breakthrough, innovation is a team sport where the poor performance of one individual or group has consequence over the entire organization.

Reality is that innovators are made not born and cultivating everyone’s innovation instinct through training can help your company stay competitive.

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Having passion for an idea, a high degree of technical skill, adequate funding and leadership support is not enough to bring a product to market. Product teams can easily get distracted when dealing uncertainty.

A Google search will create even more confusion as methodologies such as lean startup, design thinking, business modelling and design sprints appear to be conflicting.

Creating a product or service that customers want requires discipline and a good understanding of available methodology options.

The product team coaching is a fully immersive, learning-by-doing experience, where the participants get exposed to the latest tools and techniques, internalize a new mind set, all while developing a product ready for market success.

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Dan started his career in entrepreneurship, being involved with technology startups across the world.

Puzzled by the questions ‘why are innovative products mainly launched by startups?’, he focuses on enterprise innovation strategy - specifically on the changes blue-chip organizations need to make to allow for new ventures to be built in a corporate setting. In this capacity he worked with companies like Deutsche Telekom, Bosch, Jaguar Land Rover, Bayer, John Deere or Allianz.

A big proponent of the ecosystem approach to innovation, Dan has also worked with various government bodies, in Asia and Europe, helping developing national innovation ecosystems and implement national innovation strategies.

Dan holds a dual degree MBA from Bradford University (UK) and TiasNimbas Business School (The Netherlands) while being certified lean startup acceleration specialist by Columbia University (USA) though the Lean Launchpad program.

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“Throughout the year I worked with Dan he always challenged me and my team to view all our activities from the end-customer’s perspective. His experience in multiple industries and disciplines has helped us launch products faster. Dan is a highly energetic and empathetic professional with whom I’m always happy to collaborate.”


Saithip ‘Nikki’ Chavengsub

“Dan is truly passionate about corporate innovation, the hallmark of a true thought leader. He has helped me and my team on our company’s full innovation transformation, and I can say that he’s currently one of the most knowledgeable people in the world on the topic. His pragmatism, visible in pushing to have everything measurable and interconnected helped us on our journey to improve performance and reduce the cost of innovation.”


Vegard Dypås Hansen

“The thoughtfully put together keynotes Dan is delivering help the audience engage with high complex topics on a personal level. Dan’s energetic and interactive delivery make for a fully invested and involved audience. Also he is not the speaker who picks up and leaves as soon as the curtain drops - he’s more than happy to be approached by the public to answer questions and clear concerns.”


Ola Hanø


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